A zippy and silent electric Vespa scooter on city streets in 2018

Vespa Elettrica, an electrically powered scooter, will zoom the streets of many cities and towns, at least in Europe in 2018. The all-electric model of the iconic scooter has retained its beautiful ageless looks, while adding a bit of extra power for that moment when the red lights change to green. For travelers, an electric Vespa brings a little bit of quietness to noisy city streets, and perhaps scooter rentals pick up the model for tourists to rent.

Vespa Elettrica scooter, an electric vehicle The design of the product must really be appreciated in the Vespa Elettrica. Here is the electric Vespa side by side with an old Vespa recently photographed on a car park by a beach in the Valencia Province in Spain.

Vespa Elettrica, an electric scooter
Iconic Vespa scooter by a beach in Spain

Features and specifications of the Vespa Elettrica

– Two models: Elettrica and Elettrica X. The former model has a range of 100 km/62 miles and the latter model 200 km.
– Continuous power 2 kW and peak power of 4 kW.
– Lithium-ion battery with a charging cable in the seat compartment can be plugged in to a normal electrical outlet .
– The time required for a full charge is 4 hours.
– Vespa Multimedia Platform connects the vehicle to a smartphone to for additional functionality.

The range of Vespa Elettrica is long enough for riding from a city to a nearby beach or a hiking trail and returning home for recharging the scooter. Even if the battery runs out of energy while on the road, the possibility to charge the vehicle from an ordinary electric outlet is a big help. In any case, the Vespa Elettrica is intended for riding relatively short distances in cities and towns.

Via Mashable.

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