A village in Spain blasts music from the church tower if suspicious characters approach

Les Coves de Vinromà is a peaceful village of 1800 inhabitants in Spain, located about halfway between Tarragona and Valencia. The village is a typical Spanish small community with an old church and central square where life goes on relatively quietly – except for the moments when loud music blasts from the church tower.

 Les Coves de Vinroma, Spain, Valencia region El Pais visited the village and asked why the loud music is disturbing the peace of the community every now then. As it turned out, the residents are using music to signal events and potential dangers.

Rimski-Korsakov’s tune The Flight of the Bumblebee alerts of potential danger: a suspicious character has entered the village, and everyone is warned about him or her.

Beethoven’s Ode to Joy (the theme of the ninth symphony) has the honor of communicating about municipal events, such as start of a scheduled water cut or beginning of annual celebrations.

The soundtrack of Doctor Zhivago alerts about private messages.

The tune Viva la gente has an odd role: at 1 pm, the song alerts villagers it is time to have lunch. Perhaps villagers forget to eat without the music, but anyhow, the strange thing is that generally in Spain, the lunch hour begins at 2 pm.

Here is a video that shows the village and its sound system on top of the tower.

 Les Coves de Vinromà on a map (in Spain, Valencia province)Les Coves de Vinromà on a map (Spain, region of Valencia).

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