A vacation destination for women only: an entire island in the Finnish archipelago

From time to time, most people probably have an urge to get away from it all, and escape to a remote place where no one is disturbing. Well, finding peace has always been possible, for instance, by trekking into a wilderness, but it is not for everyone. How about a small island in a remote corner of the world in Scandinavia where only a handful of guests stay at the same time and they are all women?
SuperShe Island cottage. photo by SuperShe Island. Despite the name, SuperShe Island is intended for all women who want to relax and perhaps enjoy some pampering. Entrepreneur Kristina Roth has bought an island and established a tiny exclusive resort on it. There are beds in well equipped cottages for 10 guests only. Around the island there is plenty of natural space for everyone who wants to have quiet and peace.

The only way to travel to the island, located in Turku archipelago, is a boat. Helsinki is the nearest major international airport. The resort is all-inclusive, because there is nothing else on the island than the cottages where guests stay (and service buildings).
SuperShe Island, quiet and peaceful destination. photo by SuperShe
All this means that the price can be high for an average traveler’s vacation budget, and additionally, the entrepreneur handpicks the female guests who are welcome to the island. The island resort opens in July 2018. You can apply now at the SuperShe Island homepage.

If the idea of staying on a remote island intrigues you, it is possible to rent a private cottage, for instance, from Turku or Stockholm archipelago. That is what Finns, who don’t have their own cottage, do. Renting a cottage on an island, or in any remote location is only for people who want absolute peace and quiet, because that’s what’s on the menu every day.

The vast wilderness in the north of Scandinavia, in the Arctic Lapland, is another popular Nordic destination for everyone who wants to escape daily buzz and relax in the great outdoors.

SuperShe Island
SuperShe Island resort in Finnish archipelago

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