A tent that floats on water is a thing – Here is the Traft

Certain types of trips to the great outdoors require that you have both a tent and a way of moving along rivers, lakes or the sea. The fewer products you have to carry, the happier camper you are. A company called Traft is trying something new. They have created a two-in-one product, a tent-raft, that floats so that it can be paddled, and it doubles as a dry-land tent.

Traft, tent and raft If the packed product is small and light, it might solve many difficult problems for trekkers and outdoor adventurers. A common problem during long hikes in wilderness is that eventually a river, lake, or marshland must be crossed. In some cases, the best route to continue would be along a river if only the hiker had a kayak or raft to float on water.

The Traft potentially can solve these problems, and eliminate the weight of a tent from the backpack.

Traft products are made of new TPU plastic that is a lightweight, environmentally friendly, strong and resilient material. It is more expensive than PVC, but stronger and more durable.

Traft is a startup company that has three products in production at the moment: a 96″ and a 102″ Traft and a 129″ SUP Traft. They are planning a hybrid TPU drop stitch kayak, as well as a 20′ TPU drop stich motorized house boat.

Many other outdoor adventurers may be thinking about the features of the product. How heavy the pack is? How large the folded pack is? Can it be used as a platform for other things, and towed on snow or over land that is covered with grass or plants?

Ten and raft combined: Traft
Here are the dimensions of the first product models:

    – 96″ x 37″ (243 x 94 cm) TRAFT 8 lbs (3.6 kg), tent 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg), sleep system-floor and backseat 1lb (0.45 kg). Interior floor length: 47″ (119 cm) (designed for folks approx. between 5’2″-5’10”).
    – 102″ x 37″ TRAFT 8.5 lbs, tent 5.75 lbs, sleep system-floor and backseat 1lb. Interior floor length: 51″ (designed for folks approx. between 5’11”- 6’4″).
    – 129″ x 31″ SUP TRAFT 28 lbs, tent 6.25 lbs, sleep system-floor and backseat 1lb. Interior floor length: 51″.
    – Tubes: 210D 4mm double coated TPU.
    – Raft bottom: 840D single coated TPU with Dacron.
    – Sleep system-floor-seat back 420D single coated TPU.

Digital Trends España has information that the 96″ Traft costs $900. Products can be ordered at the company’s web site.

Traft, two products in one, tent and raft

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