A road trip in Russia for following the World Cup 2018 is a long-distance journey

If you want to make an ultimate road trip, June and July 2018 is a unique opportunity to explore Russia and follow the World Championship football/soccer tournament (officially known as the World Cup 2018) in major cities of Russia. Russia is a vast country where travelers may encounter all kinds of challenges. Here are a few tips for a World Cup -themed road trip in Russia.

a road with signs in Russia. Photo by Arthur Ivanov.
As you can see from the photo, the first thing every traveler will notice is that Cyrillic letters are used in Russia. It is an immensely useful asset to be able to read the signs – learn the letters if possible. Outside cities, don’t expect people to understand foreign languages.

It is a good idea to reserve time for border controls.They tend to take time, and queues often build up. Visas are required and must be organized before the trip.

Have you ever wondered why the Internet seems to be full of weird road videos recorded in Russia? Well, the reason is that so many Russian drivers have dashcams that are recording always when the car engine is running. Strange things happen in the vast country. Have a dashcam recording in loop mode on your dashboard as well. The insurance company probably will ask for a recording if anything happens.

On the road between cities, fill up the tank and stomach when there is a possibility to do so. Traffic culture differs from central Europe, but everyone wants to avoid potholes, don’t they.

Here is the infographic from Select Car Leasing that shows you the cities where team England is playing, complete with tips for sights and restaurants.

World Cup 2018 in Russia road trip. Infographic by selectcarleasing.co.uk

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