A major German grocery store is building an electric car charging network for shoppers

Lidl electric car charging point at car park in Germany

Good news for drivers who are planning a road trip in Central Europe in an electric car in 2020. One of Europe’s largest grocery store chains Lidl is installing e-car charging points at car parks of its 400 stores in Germany. The big installation project has already started, but it takes a year to complete. All 400 charging stations will be available for Lidl shoppers by March 2020.

The plan is to build this network of electric vehicle charging stations so that the maximum distance between them is 50 km / 31 miles. Chargers near motorway exits will have 50 kW power output allowing rapid charging. Lidl is hinting – but not being specific – that the charging time could be limited to 30 minutes. This would make sense, because a rapid charger may fill the battery up to worth of 200 km / 124 miles in 30 minutes, and it is usually enough time to shop in a Lidl branch.

The locations of Lidl stores in Germany can be viewed here.

Lidl electric vehicle charging station at car park for grocery shoppers

Lidl told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that charging e-cars at its car parks is free for shoppers for now, but the company hasn’t made decisions yet if this will change in the future. The electricity used at these new charging stations comes from renewable sources.

Since Lidl has around 10,500 grocery stores in 29 countries, it is interesting to see if the large retail chain expands electric vehicle charging services to other markets.

Photos by Lidl.

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