A European automaker is marketing electric scooters with its own car brand

Seat / Segway electric scooter, folded

Electric scooters have been a hot topic through the year 2018. It is a new, pollution-free transportation method that can solve the problem of traveling from a car park, train station or bus stop to a place that is a kilometer or two (or a mile) away. A number of startup businesses saw the opportunity in scooter rental, but they also made it a problem by allowing customers to park the vehicles anywhere. Spanish automaker Seat believes Europe needs a Seat electric scooter – in addition to the car, of course.

The scooter is called the Seat EXS KickScooter. The company is making the small electric vehicle available by the end of 2018 in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal. The list price is 599 euros.

Seat EXS Kickscooter standing

The maximum speed of the Seat scooter is 25 km/h (15.5 mph). The range depends on the riding style, but the company estimates 45 kilometers / 28 miles is the average distance before the vehicle requires recharging.

Seat says the EXS Kickscooter has been developed in partnership with Segway, but it looks a lot like the Segway Kickscooter, and the features are similar as well.

Seat electric scooter dashboard display
An application for phones is available for monitoring the electric scooter as well.

All and all, it is refreshing to find that traditional automakers think about and actually make solutions that help travelers and commuters after the car has been parked. Today, in many city centers, the only choice is to park in a parking complex that can be a long way away from the final destination.

Key specifications of the Seat EXS KickScooter electric scooter

Seat Kickscooter, electric scooter, man riding
  • Max speed 25 km/h / 15.5 mph.
  • Max weight of the rider: 100 kg.
  • Minimum rider age 14.
  • Mobile app for monitoring the performance.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Water resistant (IP54).
  • Power output 300W.
  • Wheel size 20 cm / 8 inches and 19.2 cm / 7.5 inches.
  • Battery 187Wh.
  • Recharge time 3.5 h.
  • Weight 12,5 kg.
  • Dimensions: 102 × 43 × 113 cm, folded: 113 × 43 × 40 cm.

Via El Motor.

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