A cabin for the Mercedes pickup truck turns it into a small motorhome

Ever since I read My Travels with Charley: in Search of America by John Steinbeck I wanted to know how the author converted his pickup truck into a campervan. Well, in the US, it was possible to buy a readymade cabin on a pickup truck. Now, a company in Germany is making cabins especially for European and Japanese pickup trucks. The latest model fits on a Mercedes Class X pickup, turning it into a small motorhome.

Mercedes Class X pickup truck with Tischer cabin Tischer has cabins available for several European and Japanese pickup trucks, such as Volkswagen, Renault, Nissan and Toyota. The latest model 230S has the support of Mercedes which has endorsed the cabin as the one the automaker is showing with the Class X vehicle.

Inside a Ticher cabin
Considering Tischer cabins come with practically all the features modern travelers tend to want, like kitchen, toilet and shower, the small cabin still has enough space for two people who can sleep, cook, rest and perhaps do some remote work in the truck. The height of standing space in the cabin varies, but even a 2 meter tall person has at least one place where to stand straight.

inside Tischer motorhome / campervan cabin
The big advantage of having a detachable cabin is that the pickup truck is available for daily work and commute when the vehicle is not on a road trip. Another advantage is that it is possible to use the truck’s power and large tires for venturing into a terrain where a driver of an ordinary campervan or motorhome would never go.

Before a road trip, the cabin must be mounted on the truck. As the cabin stands on its own feet, the truck is reversed under it, and the cabin is lowered on the platform. The driver who does it must have nerves of steel because there is very little room for getting the truck under the cabin exactly in the right position.
mountin / dismounting Tischer cabin from a pickup truck
Inevitably, the cabin has an effect on the way the truck behaves on the road. The cabin adds plenty of weight on rear wheels and wind easily catches the additional structure. In any case, motorhomes and campervans have lower speed limits than ordinary cars in most countries.

Via El Motor.

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