A backpack is an essential piece of equipment for a traveler, but can it be a one-size-fits-all gear?

A backpack is so essential travel gear for me that I have a number of different types of backpacks for different types of trips. An Australian company Alpaka believes that all I need is one backpack. As long as it is the Shiftpack, the company says their backpack is suitable for any type of trip or even for commute to the office. Let’s see what the product features are.

Shiftback backpack for travel, office
Two key features of the Shiftpack are:

    1. It is waterproof, even the zippers hold water.
    2. It has plenty of compartments.

The compartments make it possible to pack a laptop, camera gear (even a small drone), and other things, like clothing, water and snacks safely in their own places.

There are many small things, like hidden pockets and zippers to keep small things in their own places, and always at hand.
Shiftpack backpack for travelers, for commuters
The Shiftpack is ready to go into production, but in July 2017 the company was still raising money on Kickstarter to start production and shipments. At the moment, the Shiftpack is priced at $159, but the price will be higher when the production starts. Product shipments are expected in early 2018.

Smarter Travel tried out a prototype of the Shiftpack, and the testers were very happy with the product. It does what it promises, and with style. Still, I’m wondering why not have multiple backpacks, and choose one that’s suitable for the mission at hand.

A day of sightseeing in a city, a day in the office, or a day hiking on the mountains are very different types of activities, and very different type of travel gear is required. A small bag for the camera and a raincoat for a city tour, a neat and slim backpack for the office, and a large backpack that can hold camera equipment, snacks, water, and clothes to the mountains.

The Shiftpack wants to be the one-size-fits-all backpack, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Every traveler has his or her preferences and travel gear must be adjusted to those preferences.
specifications of Shiftpack backpack

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