Europe’s hidden treasure travel destinations ranked

Covadonga in Spain, Mdina and Zebbug in Malta, and Salzkammergut region in Austria have been chosen as the top three hidden treasures of Europe when exciting, but little known travel destinations are considered. Mastercard, the company behind the payment card, chose altogether 15 hidden treasure -destinations, and they really are places large audienced do not know about.
Covadonga Basilica, Asturias, Spain. Photo by David Alvarez Lopez-
Mastercard used data that is generated in payment transactions as well as information from travel bloggers and tourism experts to discover the destinations. They were then ranked according to their beauty, crowdedness, payment acceptance, cost and convenience.

Here are the top 15 hidden treasures of Europe according to Mastercard:

    1. Asturias province and Covadonga convent, Spain
    2. Mdina & Zebbug, Malta
    3. Salzkammergut region, Austria
    4. The Azores, Portugal
    5. Perast, Montenegro
    6. Lednice-Valtice, Czech Republic
    7. Pag Island, Croatia
    8. Saaremaa Island, Estonia
    9. Volos & Pelion region, Greece
    10. Velika Planina, Slovenia
    11. Kaszuby, Poland
    12. Naarden, Netherlands
    13. Cape Kolka, Latvia
    14. Danube Delta, Romania
    15. Balaton-Uplands, Hungary

Now everyone who wants to be the been there – done that traveler of the neighborhood has a list of destinations to explore for the next few years.

Detailed criteria for Mastercard’s ranking:
– the destination is relatively undiscovered by the average tourist
– it offers multiple activities, both cultural and outdoor
– can be visited during most part of the year
– offers payment acceptance
– services are not exclusive for a certain age and family status
– has infrastructure for travelers.

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