High-speed train takes passengers across Germany from Berlin to Munich in four hours

The highway network in Germany probably has the widest coverage in any country of the world, but still, autobahns are sometimes congested. Germany has been investing in new railroads (while maintaining the extensive autobahn network) and high-speed trains to support more environmental friendly and effective public transportation. On December 10th,2017, a new high-speed train starts transporting passengers between north and south of the country, connecting Berlin and Munich.
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Seven scenic rail travel routes in Europe

Rail travel is a wonderful way to explore regions of the world, because you often get to see something unexpected. In cities and villages, you can scan the backyards of houses and how people live. In the countryside, you can view sceneries that are not necessarily visible for road travelers at all. Especially, in mountainous regions the sceneries can be spectacular. For instance, in Europe. Here are seven magnificent European train trips for those travelers who want to see the best sceneries from a train window.

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