Tips for avoiding the behavior of an ignorant tourist – and getting respect from locals

If you have seen the crowds around the key sights in Venice, Paris, or Barcelona during the high season, you may understand why a certain degree of resistance against mass tourism is developing in some specific European cities. Not only do the residents feel that their neighborhoods have been conquered by visitors, but these uninvited visitors also behave badly. Here are a few simple tips for getting along with locals in popular tourist destinations.

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Top 20 tourist regions of Europe

Europe is the most popular tourist destination in the world, but anyone who has traveled in the continent knows how different the countries are. Which countries and which regions exactly are the most visited in Europe? The European Union has vast databases of information on tourism that reveals interesting details where travelers like to stay.
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Instagram top 10: most photographed sights in Europe

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The number of selfies taken in front of these sights must be mindblowing. I bet there are street sellers touting selfie-sticks at every location. In any case, the ranking for the top 10 most photographed sights in Europe in 2017 according to online image service Instagram (via

Eiffel Tower in Paris, photo by Alex Lecea
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A travel guide to Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, the capital of Finland in North Europe, is one of the fastest growing travel destinations in Europe. There are two reasons for it: air travel from Asia and cruise ships.

The Finnish airline Finnair has managed establish regular flights to Chinese cities and other major cities in Asia by marketing Helsinki as the gateway to Europe. The Asian tourists change planes in Helsinki and stay a night exploring Helsinki’s sights.

Another major group of tourists arrives in Helsinki on cruise ships that are touring the Baltic Sea.

The Best of Helsinki is a travel guidebook for tourists who like to absorb information via images and maps. The book is clearly designed to be a visual guide that shows the places to explore and helps visitors navigate in the destination.

This guidebook can be browsed in order to get an overall understanding what the city has to offer, and once interesting sights or attractions has been discovered, it is easy to study details of those places that seem interesting.

I found the chapter that describes the places and events local people like the best as the most valuable. Those tips will definitely be on my agenda when I plan my trip to Helsinki.

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The Best of Helsinki travel guide