These Game of Thrones fans ran 600 km in Italy, watching the show at the same time

Here is a travel dream for a fan of the Game of Thrones television show: you can watch the entire new season in Italy simply by running after a truck that displays the episodes at the back of the container. That is what television network Sky Italy claims a group of fans did. It is a run length of multiple marathons from Rome to Italy that they called a Marathron along the beautiful landscapes of Italy.

Game of Thrones watched by running fans in Italy Read the story “These Game of Thrones fans ran 600 km in Italy, watching the show at the same time”

A culture shock in Italy and in Finland

Finns are icemen and Italians hotheads – that is what someone moving from Italy to Finland (or vice versa) might think. The differences in culture, behavior and socializing – not to mention weather and food – are so great that it can drive a normal, healthy person to suffer from a culture shock.

Spaghetti and Sauna is a very personal story of a young woman who moved from Italy to Finland in order to study and work in the Nordic country. Her personal story, however, develops into a insightful description of Italian and Finnish cultures. The author believes that these two countries are the remotest countries in Europe culturally. She tells countless funny and humiliating stories how easy it is to misinterpret people who have different background than yourself.

The detailed insight in the book on the people, their customs and the way of thinking and behaving is intriguing, pleasure to read, and learn about these cultures. I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to understand at least two from the many diverse cultures of Europe.

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