The best countries to travel in for tourists who only speak English

During my journeys, I have noticed that travelers who come from relatively small countries that have their own language often can speak foreign languages very well. Perhaps the explanation is that no one else outside the borders of the country can speak their language, so they have to learn foreign languages. Language institute EF has measured how well people across the world understand English, and the results seem to reflect my small country theory to a certain extent.

countries ranked by English skills. EF video imageDark blue and dark grey indicate countries with high English skills (EF). Read the story “The best countries to travel in for tourists who only speak English”

The popularity of overseas solo travel is increasing rapidly

Traveling alone to overseas destinations has become popular during the last few years. Who are these people who like to explore the world on their own way and how do they do it? An experienced solo traveler from North America has collected valuable information on the rising trend. Here are the key data points.

a traveler admiring the Atlantic Ocean in Cascais, Portugal Read the story “The popularity of overseas solo travel is increasing rapidly”

Brussels has all the action, but Brugge is simply beautiful

Belgium’s capital Brussels used to be a buzzing metropolis, but as the European Union has grown larger, the headquarters in Brussels has grown as well. So, Brussels maybe the city with all the action – also for some reason Catalan action – in Belgium, but the most beautiful and photograph-friendly is Brugge.

The old town district of Brugge is large, divided by canals. It takes several hours to get any kind of perspective on Brugge on foot, which is why there are so many cyclists rolling along narrow streets and alleys.