The hottest travel destinations in Europe in 2017

Trends and favorite tourist destinations gradually change with time, but this year, the change has been fast. European Travel Commission published a report in July 2017 that summarized the trends in numbers.

One of the most interesting pieces of information in the report is the hot destinations of Europe in 2017. The hottest destinations are Iceland, Montenegro and Malta.
Iceland by Moyan Brenn
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Considering working overseas? Top 10 cities: highest and lowest cost of living

Luanda, Angola. Photo by David Stanley.If you are considering moving overseas to work as an expat, and your employer is covering the costs, even a high-cost destination can be manageable. If you are traveling and working as a digital nomad or as a freelance remote worker, it really matters what the cost of living in the destination is. Surprisingly, a city in the African continent has the most expensive living costs.
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Europe’s hidden treasure travel destinations ranked

Covadonga in Spain, Mdina and Zebbug in Malta, and Salzkammergut region in Austria have been chosen as the top three hidden treasures of Europe when exciting, but little known travel destinations are considered. Mastercard, the company behind the payment card, chose altogether 15 hidden treasure -destinations, and they really are places large audienced do not know about.
Covadonga Basilica, Asturias, Spain. Photo by David Alvarez Lopez-
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