A user guide for travel?

Because road travel is much more than exciting destinations.

It is also about the actual journey (that sometimes can be more memorable than the final destination), what to pack, when to go, which travel method to use, how to encounter local people, how to find accommodation or to get a meal.

Because the journey starts from the moment you get the idea for your next trip.

It can be a photograph you happen to see that instantly tells you that you have to go that place, or your campervan parked outside is waiting for that road trip in Europe, or a travel story about a hike across Provence in France that is drawing you, or the cultural treasures of the city of Prague in Czech Republic.

Because travelers need reliable news, tips, how-to, and hacks on road travel.

We bring you the news and how-to advice on road travel, hiking, cycling, campervans, gear, camping, and technology that helps on the road and in the great outdoors.